Saturday, January 26, 2008

Riley;s first post

Name: Riley Davis

Experience with computers: windows user for over 10 years, can operate google.

Experience with digital arts:  Basic photoshop class a year ago(CS2) included overview of Paint Shop Pro, Dreamweaver, and Gimp(mostly photoshop, i dont remember much else)

Why THIS class?: This class appeared to teach the skills neccessary to color line drawings(either with photoshop, painter, or both).

Goals for this class: Color line drawings properly(perhaps vector) and to expand digital art skills.

Future Projects: At least one full color comic book(I dont have a storyline yet).

Mac or PC?: PC

Do I identify as an artist?: Both of my parents are graphic designers/artists. I've enjoyed drawing (mostly cartoons) for as long as I can remember(crayon to wall). But I think what makes me an artist is the drive to create beautiful things wether on paper or other media.

What would make this class go well for me?: A two button mouse and a basic understanding of my art by the other students(doesnt mean no critisism, just so they dont think its silly).